PCMR is a Champion of the Environment: Lisa's Trip Diary Day Four

Posted by Lisa on April 12, 2011

I am not a believer in man-made global warming but I support conservation and the intelligent use of land and resources.  I appreciate the many things Park City Mountain Resort is doing to conserve and I want to toot their horn.  Park City Mountain Resort has completed 27 power reduction energy-efficiency measures or projects.  The following are 5 of my favorite efforts that Park City Mountain Resort has implemented.

wind-energy (wind-energy)

  • While riding up McConkey's lift, I saw a sign stating 100% of the six seat lifts are powered by wind energy. After talking to Brent Giles,the director of mountain operations, I learned that now all their lifts are powered by wind energy.
  • Conservation is on the mind of all operation managers.  Every month, water, natural gas, propane, diesel fuel and gasoline are monitored for each division.  For the past six years, the consumption of these resources is compared to the same month in the year before to make that usage is not increasing.  For the past four years, PCMR has performed an in depth energy survey to discover how to decrease energy usage.
  • Men's restrooms at Park City Mountain Resort have waterless urinals.  This saves on average 40,000 gallons of fresh water per urinal per year.

urinals (urinals)

  • In 2005, PCMR began purchasing more efficient snow-making machines and retrofitting all nozzles and chambers on all its ground snow-making guns.  This conserves enough power to supply 229 households for a year.
  • This past summer, all lighting for night skiing on PayDay was replaced from 1500 watt quartz halogen lights to 150 watt metal halide lights.  The visibility has significantly increased.  This will save an estimated 150,000 kilowatt hours annually.

Here are some more interesting numbers: Park City Mountain Resort's 27 power-reduction measures have cost close to $1.5 million dollars.  Park City Mountain Resort received close to $250,000 in incentives, with an annual decrease in energy cost of $160,000.  There will be a 7-year return on investment and a reduction in kilowatt hours of 2,746.113.

In 2009 and 2010, Powdr Corp. was the largest purchaser of renewable energy among the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) partners in the travel and leisure category. It holds the number 15 ranking of all corporations in the US that purchase 100 percent renewable energy. Powdr Corp. has purchased over 177 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy over the past 6 years.


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