Legendary Nachos

Posted by Lisa on February 16, 2011

legends-nachos (legends-nachos)I am craving legedary nachos right now. Chicken nachos, to be specific. Legends Bar & Grill, at the base of Park City Mountain Resort and its most popular apres ski spot is famous for their Legends Burger but I think their chicken or ahi nachos are serious contenders for favorite menu item.  Legends Bar & Grill nachos are so good, they are crave-worthy.

I like the idea of good food while snowboarding but I am usually not willing to sacrifice slope time to get it.  That is another reason why Legends Bar & Grill nachos are so great -- they're fast.  You can walk into Legends Bar & Grill, located on the ground floor of Legacy Lodge just around the corner from PayDay lift, and be sitting up to a table or the bar with a ginormous plate of hot nachos in minutes.  

Legends Grill makes delicious chicken nachos with generous amounts of chicken, guacamole and jalapenos. The chicken nachos are big enough to be a lunch for two. They also have ahi tuna nachos with mango salsa and wasabi creme fraiche on a bed of asian slaw.  Either of the nacho selections make a great appetizer...or meal.  One way or another, get in there and try some!

If you can't get in to Legends Bar & Grill during your visit, follow the recipe below to create your own Legendary Nachos.

Grilled Chicken Nachos:

Layer tri-colored Tortilla Chips with generous portions of the following:

Blackened Chicken

Three-cheese Blend


Black Beans

Place under broiler until cheese is bubbling

Top with heaping servings of Sals, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Finely Chopped Cilantro



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