New Signature 3 Snowboard Lesson- Even the Youngest Among Us Can Get on Board

Posted by Lisa on February 25, 2013
I taught my sons to snowboard when they were very young because most resorts did not give lessons to children under eight years of age. Snowboarding requires fine motor skills, and a good deal of physical strength and balance, which are attributes some young children have not yet mastered.
However, I discovered with my boys that they learned very quickly as preschoolers and did not have the fear of falling that plagues older learners. Now that my daughters are ready to learn, I have four children all at different skill levels and it is a challenge to spread myself thin enough to teach all of them myself.
I was excited to learn that Park City Mountain Resort‘s Signature 3 program offers 5 & 6 year olds snowboard lessons. New this year, the lessons have added a short indoor progression to introduce movements and help kids build a technical base. In the Signature 3 snowboard program, kids develop skills like balance and edging, tilting and twisting, which translate from indoors to the snow. Kids can continue to practice and master any of the skills taught in the indoors program at home. After the indoor introduction, students are brought to the snow for two 2-hour sessions. It is an outstanding program.
Because of the low student to instructor ratio (max of three students per class), the availability is limited so schedule early. To make reservations call 1-800-227-2754.

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