A Snowkid's Take: Good Gear for Bad Weather

Posted by Lisa on March 7, 2011

By Snowkid Ike, 9

This Christmas I went snowboarding with my family at Park City Mountain Resort.  Sometimes there was bad weather and you needed the right gear.

Here are some things that made a big difference for me.  This year I grew out of my snow bibs and my mom bought me some snow pants.  I like the way they look and feel but there were some problems.  Snowboarding in all that powder I got snow down my pants and up my shirt!

By the end of the day my pants were wet and the bottom of my shirt was crusty with snow. Bibs are better.  

My family went snowboarding on some good days and on some really blizzardy days.  I had lots of fun every time because I had all the right gear.  

snowkids-gear (snowkids-gear)These are my 4 most important suggestions to keep you warm and comfortable:

Snow bibs - They stay up better and keep the snow out

Ski socks - They made my toes toasty and my feet comfy in my tight boots

Balaclava - This is a hat type that covers head, neck, chin and ears. It keeps out the cold and wind and keeps you warm

Goggles -  They helped me see better on the lift and snowboarding down the hill.  Goggles keep the snow and wind out of your eyes.  If you are not wearing goggles you do not want to go fast.  My goggles have an extra lens that is yellow.  It helped me see better on the really snowy days.

Those things are the special gear that helped me snowboard.


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