Worst Kid in Class: Adult Group Half Day Ski Lessons

Posted by Lisa-Marie on March 31, 2011

I’m five minutes late, I don’t know where to meet my instructor, I can’t remember which pocket has my ski lesson card and I don’t know when to click on my skis.  

Fortunately, Stuart has seen a million first timers like me.  He loudly yells out “Who’s a beginner here?” and I wave my ski poles.  

A group of instructors looks us over and separates us into different skill levels.  Already, I feel like the last kid picked on the playground.

worst-kid-in-class-1 (worst-kid-in-class-1)
Meeting with the instructor and other class mates before riding the First Time Lift.

Thankfully, I have been assigned a friendly instructor and I now feel like I’m part of the group.  After some basic instruction and practice moves, my instructor says “OK…let’s ski down to the First Time lift.”  I stared down the scariest, steepest, and most heavily traveled hill EVER.  Everyone is skiing their wedges ahead of me but that’s OK for now.

We reassemble in the lift line and I’m beginning to feel like the runt of the pack.  With all eyes on me, the instructor says “Let’s go!”  I navigate the lift line, struggle to find my lift pass and by now, I am exhausted!  Three more hours?   No way!

Patiently, instructions are given and slowly, I find myself making real progress.  The hills and lift lines are not intimidating, well, not as much as before.  After the last run, I feel invigorated and yes exhausted.  We say good bye and thank our patient, encouraging instructor who was right all along.  

worst-kid-in-class-2 (worst-kid-in-class-2)
Put your fears aside! The ski instructors at Park City Mountain Resort have seen it all. Their helpful hints are an ideal way to start on your ski adventure...no matter your ski level!

Skiing is a thrill and now….I am hooked!  The best of part of the day is instead of being the worst kid in the class now I am the “most improved.”

I like that title much more.


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