Sugar Buzz: Lisa-Marie's Trip Diary Day 1

Posted by Lisa-Marie on February 23, 2011


sugar-buzz-candy-boutique (sugar-buzz-candy-boutique)
Sugar Buzz, located at 651 Park Avenue, is a candy lovers dream come true!

Why is everyone buzzing about Sugar Buzz?

After flying across the country and a full day of ski school, my preschooler was thrilled when she found out that we were going to a place called Sugar Buzz.

sweet-treats (sweet-treats)
Sweet treats for any occasion.

Anything with sugar in its name has to be good, right?  We knew we were in for a really special treat when we saw the huge, metal lollipops decorating the front yard of this adorable blue cottage nestled along historic Park Avenue in downtown Park City.

candy-jars (candy-jars)
Decisions, decisions. Mix and match from the candy jars to create your own special mix.

Sugar Buzz is a local favorite and I can totally see why.  The place looks magical!  Candy jars line the walls an. Tables are filled with seasonal treats of all shapes and sizes.  Fairy Floss and lollipops looked too beautiful (and sticky) to hand over to a preschooler so I steered my kiddo towards the candy jars and let her mix and match all sorts of bulk candy to her heart’s content.

sugar-buzz-fairy-floss (sugar-buzz-fairy-floss)
Sugar Buzz Fairy Floss

I headed toward the chocolate counter in the back of the store to sample their unique, chocolate nibbles.  My personal favorite: The pomegranate dark chocolate combo.  Encourage your kids to say please and thank you because the shopkeepers reward good manners with special treats from a bucket reserved for their nicest guests.  Their snowmama will be so proud!   

good-manners-bucket (good-manners-bucket)
The shopkeeper rewarded my preschooler for her please, thank you and good manners; while visiting the shop with a surprise treat from this Good Manners bucket. If you want to earn a reward from inside the bucket, you'll have to visit the store and be on your best behavior.

Sugar Buzz, a candy boutique, is located at 651 Park Avenue in Park City, Utah.


chocolate-sugar-buzz (chocolate-sugar-buzz)
Chocolate choices abound!

lollipops (lollipops)


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Comment posted by Snowmama Krista on February 23, 2011 3:54 PM MST

I love the amazing pictures Lisa-Marie! They make me want to eat candy.

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