Pizza with a side of Park City History

Posted by Lisa-Marie on February 25, 2011

red-banjo-pizza (red-banjo-pizza)If you’re looking for great tasting pizza at a very reasonable price, then visit Park City’s oldest establishment…Red Banjo Pizza. After hearing so many great reviews from Park City locals, we were looking forward to tasting Red Banjo’s pizza and homemade salad dressing and weren’t disappointed..

Red Banjo has been in business since 1962 (that’s 48 years for those trying to do the math) and is owned and operated by the fifth generation of the Tolys family.  There are three generations currently running the place so they can serve up some great Park City stories as well as tasty hand tossed fresh baked pizza, amazing cheese bread, salads and hot subs.

A tip if you have a large group: Reserving the large party room which features flat screen TVs, arcade games and you can even decorate the space.  The only cost to use the room is the food and drinks you purchase.

As you step into this casual, well-lit restaurant, you are warmly greeted by the wonderful aromas of pizza baking.  The heavy wooden tables are covered with traditional red checkered table cloths and you sit at heavy wooden chairs. The place has a family-friendly, casual decor with old mining town photos, ski scenes and local skier’s pics on the walls.

We decided to try the Red Banjo Special pizza which comes with Canadian bacon, pepperoni, beef, sausage, onions, fresh mushrooms, black olives and green peppers.  You have to try it with the slice of lemon.  It’s a Red Banjo trademark!  

Be forewarned: the portions are big!  Our pizza was so huge that we gladly boxed up over half of it.  The menu is simple but has enough variety for any pizza lover in your family.

red-banjo-leftovers (red-banjo-leftovers)
The Red Banjo Special…try it with the slice of lemon. It’s a tradition!

There are lots of TVs tuned in to all sorts of sports channels.  Rather than watching TV, we chatted with the German tourists at the next table and swapped stories about our on mountain adventures. .   

Red Banjo Pizza Parlour is at 322 Main Street  in the heart of Park City (435-649-9901)You can easily get here via the in-town shuttle but if it’s too cold to go out, they’ll gladly deliver all over Park City.


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