Bring a bug home from the mountain

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by Lisa-Marie on April 7, 2014

Things you typically want to take away from a family vacation: amazing shared experiences, great memories, fantastic photos, bugs.  Bugs?  If that bug is a hand-crafted Snowbug from Park City Mountain Resort’s Legacy Sports, you’ll gladly say yes to bugs! 

Snowbug greeter overlooking the Signature 5 School

My mini-shredder first discovered the Snowbug while lining up for her Signature 5 ski school lesson. The large metal bug was playfully perched over the sign-in slope and really brought a smile to her face.  Any first day of school nerves vanished thanks to this galvanized steel super bug.  Artist Fred Conlon’s creatures can be found across Park City Mountain Resort’s slopes but this one really made a difference. 

When it came time to shop for souvenirs, she knew just what she wanted. Our five year old marched past the super cool logo wear and key chains, pausing only briefly at the resort map imprinted scarves and mouse pads but then on with a purposeful stride to choose her very own Snowbug. Her decision was an easy one – a skiing snowbug. This lovely bug has been to show and tell in Florida and now sits playfully in our living room as a wonderful reminder of our time spent at Park City Mountain Resort.  Our daughter says it needs a snowboarding friend.  Thankfully, I know just where to find one. 

 A snowbug in Florida


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