Beach Baby Loves the Snow

Posted by Lisa-Marie on December 30, 2010

Ski school can be a scary experience for any young child, even more so for a four-year-old from Florida seeing snow for the first time. (Ski school can even be scary for us adults but that's another story.)

getting-on-magic-carpet (getting-on-magic-carpet)
After a few minutes with the friendly program staff, Sarina only looked back to wave goodbye! She especially loved sliding on and off the magic carpet, making snow angels and snow balls to hit Mr. Moose.

This was our first family ski holiday, the first time our beach baby donned all those layers of clothes and of course, the first time she clicked on a pair of skis.  We had no idea how her first ski school adventure would play out.

We discovered Park City Mountain Resort's Signature 3 Program (designed for ages 3 ½ - 5 )  is an ideal way to get a child started.    

Sarina came running out of the school filled with wonderful stories of making pizza pie wedges, snowballs and snow angels as she waved goodbye to her new ski school friends.  Her advice to other kids on their first family ski vacation...."remember to wear a ski jacket."

It really helped that Park City Mountain Resort guarantees that each instructor will teach just three preschoolers (just five older kids per instructor) at a time. Reservations are strongly suggested, especially during busy family ski season (holidays and weekends) and children must be potty-trained to participate.

This ski school is well worth any first time jitters that you or your little skier may have.

magic-carpet (magic-carpet)
She received lots of personal attention thanks to a maximum of three students per child-specialist policy. During the six hour program, she had two “on the slopes” ski lessons, lunch and playtime on the indoor jungle gym. She learned ski basics and how to balance on the ski school's magic carpet. Every child skis at his or her own pace.

snow-bug (snow-bug)
The "snow bug" seems to be cheering her on! "Go're on your way to Olympic Gold!"


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