A Snowy Fountain of Youth

Posted by Lisa-Marie on December 21, 2010

If you want to feel young again, don't get plastic surgery, go tubing at Gorgoza Park

Trust me, flying down an icy mountain track on an inner tube will have you feeling giddy as a kid again.

gorgoza Tubing (gorgoza-tubing)I had a big smile on my face every time I reached the bottom of the run. Thanks to magic carpets and tow bars, the ride to the top takes very little effort. You have the option of taking a shorter, more serene ride or the more adventurous and longer run.

I opted for the adventurous way down, although I would suggest the smaller hill for those with young children. On the ride up the hill, take time to look around at the beautiful scenery. Watch the others racing down.

The friendly staff will gladly launch you down the mountain or if you prefer to go at your own pace, you can push yourself off at the top.

Once you start downhill, gravity takes over. The tube rotates on it's own, sometimes turning you completely around. Enjoy every second of the ride! Try filming your experience while you ride.

Will you actually feel any younger? Well, that youthful smile and adrenaline rush will surely put a rosy glow on your cheeks. Besides, there's no recovery period or side effects. For me, a ride down Gorgoza is my fountain of youth.


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Comment posted by Kim-Marie Evans on December 22, 2010 10:16 AM MST

I think it could also count as an ab workout, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Tubing was honestly some of the most fun I can remember having in a while!

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Comment posted by Amy on December 21, 2010 4:19 PM MST

Hey Lisa-Marie! Tubing looks so much fun! Do you happen to have pics from our very first ski lesson at PCMR? What a great day that was!

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Comment posted by Amber on December 21, 2010 3:04 PM MST

I dunno about the fountain of youth. Gorgoza almost sent me to an early grave. :)

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