Whether soaking up the sun on the white sand beaches of her native state of Florida or skiing on the white powder slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Lisa-Marie is always up for an outdoor adventure. Her first taste of snow skiing began on rugged backcountry trails in Lake Placid, New York just before the 1980 Winter Olympic games. Even as a young child, it made quite a lasting impression!

Wanting to ensure a more structured first ski experience and instill the same lifelong love of skiing for her preschooler, the family ventured to Park City Mountain Resort's Signature Ski School and had an amazing two day introduction. Her five year old is hooked and tells all of her Florida playmates that she’s a “snow kitty” and demonstrates how to make pizza wedges (aka snow plow) and snow angels.

Lisa-Marie shares her family travel adventures online as a frequent Superoo contributing writer at trekaroo.com, leads Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine’s Moms Squad, blogs on momslikeme.com and offers up honest opinions on the latest products as a Try It Team member on 10 News WTSP in Tampa Bay.




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