Tune Up for Opening Day

Posted by Linda on November 19, 2009


I’ll admit it, I’ve been procrastinating.  I finally swapped out our summer gear for ski gear in the mud room this past weekend. In the process, I discovered both of my girls have outgrown their ski clothes, but thankfully we won’t be needing to invest in new skis this season.

So today, with two days to go before opening day, I brought our skis in for a pre-season tune-up at Jans Mountain Outfitters here in Park City. Good thing I did. One look at the bottom of our skis and Karl, Jans’ Park Avenue store manger, shook his head. “Looks like you’ll need a full tune on all of these,” he said with a smile.

We were blessed with a bounty of snow at the end of last season. So much so, that we took advantage of skiing up to the very last minute, quickly hanging up the skis before rushing out to spring break in California last April. Not a good move. Karl recommends giving your skis a nice coat of wax at the end of each season to protect from oxidation, or rust, from forming along the edges. Oops, I forget to do that. 

Six months later, all of our skis are in need of a lot of TLC, and fast! With dull edges and deep gashes in the bases, my skis in particular look like they could benefit from Botox.

Start the Season with a Good Tuning

It’s always a good idea to start the ski season with a good tune up, says Karl. And depending on the condition of your skis that can run you anywhere from $15 -$45  - much cheaper than a Botox, thankfully.

Our skis will need the deluxe treatment  - edges sharpened, base material filler, and a nice wax for our first day of skiing.  If you are a more diligent with your ski maintenance, you should be able to get by with a basic tune which includes edge sharpening and a wax.

Be Mindful of Bindings

It’s also a good idea to check everyone’s bindings before that first day on the slopes. Ski shops like Jans, and its Rennstall Ski Tuning Shop at the base of Park City Mountain Resort, can perform a comprehensive binding function test overnight. A good idea not only if your skiing with new boots, but if you or your kids’ height and/or weight has changed, or even if you have new bindings.

Wax Often

Karl recommends giving you skis a good waxing every 3-4 ski days to keep your skis performing well in all conditions. Additionally, if you are an East Coast skier, you also might want to consider having you edges adjusted upon arriving in Park City to take advantage of Utah’s powder. 

Where to Go....

Jans Mountain Outfitters is located near Park City Mountain Resort at at 1600 Park Ave. in Park City (435-649-4949, www.jans.com), or even more convenient is Jans’ Rennstall Tech Center located at the base of Park City Mountain Resort (435-649-4950). Both locations are open daily.

I’ll be picking up our skis bright and early Saturday morning, just in time for opening day. See you on the mountain.



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