Trip Diary: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue!

Posted by Kristen on March 31, 2012

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It's hard to believe we've been visiting Park City for over 16 years! Our first trip was just after our honeymoon...sixteen years of wedded blissful ski trips!  Our recent trip this March, as in all the ones before, was as wonderful as ever.  One would think we would get tired of visiting Park City, but that would be far from the truth. 

Something Old

On our first visit in 1996, we tagged along on a ski trip with my college friends from UConn.  Park City Mountain Resort was the very first place we skiied in Park City.  It was the last year the gondola cars were operating (we were thrilled to see their return as a place to eat at Cobra Dogs!).  Since that time, we have had 4 children, moved from CT to NJ, and now live in Canada. 

The hardest part of moving for my husband's job was leaving behind friends and family.  But something wonderful happened along the way.  Our annual trips to Park City had become a tradition, and as we plan each year, I send an email with details to see who can join us.  Every year, at least a few take us up on it.  Each visit to Park City has become more than a ski trip; it has become a reunion of friends and family far and wide.  This year, those friends of mine who planned the ski trip in 1996 joined us, and even though we only get to see each other every few years, it's as though we've never been apart. 

We even brought our "old" friends (we're actually not that old, at least in my mind!) to meet our "new" friends at the weekly Snowmamas Meet Up.  It's always fun to meet new people who share our love and passion for snow sports and Park City! 

Something Blue

With good friends by our side, we skiied our hearts out.  The weather was true "spring skiing", with temperatures as high as 50 degrees.  Picture perfect blue skies, a few less layers, and we were off.  As a friend of mine recently quoted on my Facebook wall, "Warm sun is second only to deep powder".  The powder came after all - read on!

Something New....With Something Borrowed

Our three girls haven't been to ski school for a few years.  Of course, they think they know everything already.  Did I mention two were teenagers? I'm always looking for opportunities for them to try something new, so what would be more perfect than the "I Ride Park City" Freestyle Camp? The girls were reluctant, especially my 14 year old. "Who will be there? Will there be someone my age? Will the instructor try to get me to do some crazy stunt where I might kill myself?" they asked. I ignored them, knowing they would love it.  

The three day camp took place in the terrain park, halfpipe, and video editing lab, and each kid was equipped with a "borrowed" GoPro helmet camera from the resort. The result: a GREAT time had by all!  The girls learned some new tricks, and how to video and edit for some great footage.  I think we've discovered another new tradition! Another important moral of this story: Mom was right....they loved it!

Something New....Part 2

As our friends flew out, a new big storm flew in, dropping over two feet of amazing powder.  Three days of fresh tracks!  I'm marking March 19, 2012 as one of my top ski days ever! Super light, over the boot tops powder, light flurries, and sunny skies.  It doesn't get any better!

Well, actually, it does.  This trip was also a huge milestone for our family.  Our four year old took to the slopes like he was born on them.  After a few days in the Signature 3 lessons at PCMR, he was riding the lifts and moving out of pizza into french fries.  That's instructor code for snow plow to parrallel turns.  After eleven years of ski lessons, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.   We're starting to spend our days as a family of six on the mountain.  Now we have to keep our fingers crossed that our teenagers have the same plan! 

Although we're ready for spring and summer, we're already thinking about next year's ski trip.  Let the planning begin!






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Comment posted by Karin on April 5, 2012 1:33 PM MDT

Love this Kristen, sounds like a fabulous season!

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