The Perfect Ski Getaway: A Weekend at Copper Mountain

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by Kristen on February 13, 2014


It started off with planning a quick visit to Denver for a conference on a Thursday.  As a mom of four, I never get a chance to get away for a few days. The lightbulb went off. I should take the leap to stay the weekend and get a little skiing in!

After the conference, I headed up I-70 to visit Copper Mountain.  Snow had been falling like crazy, and despite the roads being snow-covered, I made it up in under two hours. 

I had driven by Copper Mountain so many times on my way to other resorts. Why had I never stopped here?  It was so much closer to Denver than other options.  I was about to realize that I had made a mistake by not coming sooner.

As I pulled in, the quaint ski village drew me right in.  We checked into our lodging and the check-in desk could not have been more friendly and helpful. They mapped out where to rent skis, grab tickets, and offered dining suggestions.

We stayed in the Center Village, although there are villages both to the East and West offering accommodations, dining, and base facilities so no one has to walk far to get to anything. 

On Day 1, we grabbed our lift tickets and ski rentals for two days. The process was quick and easy and we were on our way.  Copper Mountain had just received almost three feet of new snow in three days, so the conditions were amazing.  We started off with breakfast at Jack’s in the base facilities, and the location and food were so good we did the same for lunch.

I absolutely loved the ease of getting around the base, with the quaint feel similar to a New England resort. Gorgeous covered bridges in the village -  what New Englander doesn’t love that? But what blew me away even more was the terrain.  High speed lifts that offered long runs without the flats and run outs. Gorgeous views everywhere. And for someone new to visiting – and this is HUGE – good signage so you could easily navigate around the mountain

After a long day of skiing, we decided on a well deserved meal at C.B. Grille at Copper. The food was amazing, the atmosphere everything you would want in upscale dining at a ski resort.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day. 

On Day 2, my goal was to explore more terrain.  Off every lift I was amazed at the choices.  One trail was better than the next. One of my favorite spots was getting off the Excelerator lift and look up to my right to see wide open terrain. The sun popped in and out, snow fell here and there, and the trees were covered from the heavy snowfall the days up to our visit. One turn was more beautiful than the next.

I wrapped up my weekend by doing a little shopping in the Village and having  a great fondue dinner at the Alpinista Bistro.  With a few souvenirs in hand for my kids, I left with one of the best ski weekends I have ever had.  I absolutely LOVED this resort, and although I was on a getaway from my family for a few days, they never left my mind as I knew they would love it also. We live in a ski town year round, so it’s not often I find a place that I would travel to ski. But Copper is that place, and I can’t wait to take my husband and kids back.


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