Back to School Must Haves: Crayons, Lunchbox and Ski Trip Planning

Posted by Kristen on September 26, 2012

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My kids just started school. We’ve got our crayons, markers, protractors, and new lunchboxes. What am I most excited for, besides the obvious joy of having a day to myself? Winter, of course!  It’s just around the corner, and I can’t wait for winter break to head on our annual ski trip.

I’m hitting the ski shops for the end of summer closeout sales as the new shipments arrive. Which of course has me thinking about where I should sport the new fancy ski stuff I’ve picked up. For some end of season shopping tips, read here.

It's also about this time that I am working on the crazy schedule for the school year. A quick glance will point out that travel days are limited.  Basically, you've got two good ski worthy weeks, if that.  You can go to the beach at any time of year, but unless you are prepared to travel to the Southern Hemisphere, your ski time is limited.

Here are just a few reasons to plan now:

  • High Season 

    With lots of other families in the same boat, usually those school vacation weeks are high demand travel times.  Planning early gives you time to research your location, come up with a budget, and check out your flight and lodging options.  You need not worry about getting a reservation over the holidays if you plan now. 

  • Airfare 

    Flying has gotten much more expensive. In order to get the best flights and fares, it's now necessary to plan months and months ahead to get the best deal.  We're a family of six, so even a hundred dollar difference per fare makes a big difference. 

  • Friends & Family 

    The earlier you start planning, the more likely your friends or family will hop on the bandwagon and join you.  If you haven't tried a ski vacation with other families, you should. I tend to be a "more the merrier" kind of person, and there is no better place to be merrier than on a ski vacation. 

Not sure where you want to go?  You'll have plenty of time to research your perfect trip. We've skied many places in the East and West, and have decided to return to Park City, Utah each year for it's wonderful family atmosphere, easy accessibility, and reliable conditions. The Ski Magazine Annual Resort Ranking can be a good resource for narrowing down your choices.  It just so happens that our favorite, Park City Mountain Resort, ranked #6 overall, and was voted the "Best Resort to Ski With Your Kids". Since we have four of them, it's a perfect choice.  But we already knew that way before Ski Magazine told us. 

You won't necessarily be able to get every last detail done right away, but picking the place and working on flights is a great first step. Have any questions?  Don’t hesitate to “Ask a Snowmama”. We’re here to help.  Isn't life so much better when you know you have an amazing vacation on the horizon? 




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