Snowmamas' Best Memories of the Season: Part II

Posted by Kristen on April 14, 2013

Another amazing season at PCMR!

With closing day at many ski resorts today, we bid farewell to the snow until next season. Take a look back with us and enjoy more great stories from the slopes from the Snowmamas team!

Emma Worsley

It is super hard to pin-point one particular "favourite" moment from my 2012/2013 season but one particular moment would be a powder day on the 28th December. My 12- year-old daughter and I managed to get the first chair up the Silver Star lift, we looped around King Con Chair a couple of times, with fresh tracks each time. Then we headed to Blue Slip bowl - it was amazing. I tried hard to keep up with her all day long. It was a special time.

Tania Rueben

The highlight of my 2012/13 Ski Season was meeting my fellow Snowmamas at the Summit this year!  This was such a great group of women and it was so great to spend a weekend together.  I think the moment that summed up the entire weekend was when we all made our way to the top of Gorgoza Park, interlocked our tubes and flew down the hill!  It was exhilarating!  

Kristen Haaijer 

We relocated from Toronto back to the U.S. and decided to spend a year living in Park City. The last 5 months have been nothing but favorite moments. I’m not sure we’re ever leaving! We had some great powder days, an awesome time as a family at the Helly Hansen Big Mountain Battle, and loved being able to bring our 5-year-old up to MCConkey's to hit Powder Alley.  Oh, and our daughter leanred to fly (see photo below!) But truly the best memories have been those shared with our friends and family from all over the U.S. and Canada who came to visit and join us on the mountain. Come back next's so much better when we can share it with you!

April Simpson 

18 INCHES OF SNOW IN 24 HOURS and it's April 9th!!! IS there a better moment in the world of skiing and snowboarding?

We booked a trip to Park City when we found out our extended family was going to be there on business. I am the type of person who is happy with ANY snow - so a spring ski trip was exciting. When we arrived, people were skiing in shorts and it was 50+ degrees! By the end of the week, the weather experts were calling for a snowstorm and we just couldn't believe it!

When we woke up on April 9th there was more than 15 inches of snow and it was still dumping! No joke, I got caught in snow up to my thighs in some places but it was some of the best snowboarding I'd ever seen and done!!

Before this storm, I'd tell you my favorite moment was seeing my husband transform into a ski lover, but I have to say 18 inches in 24 hours in the month of April - tops EVERYTHING!!!!!

Check out April's husband learn to ski at Park Cty Mountain Resort here!  

Donna Norman

This ski season was probably my favorite year to date because my whole family finally was on the mountain enjoying the terrain. Even though we range from the magic carpet all the way to the black diamonds we still are able to see each other during the day and show our support and love of skiing. Personally my favorite part this year was being on the chair lift by 9 AM and enjoying the groomed slopes before anyone else! I promise I will be doing this every ski day. Usually, as a mom, I am the last one out of the condo. Lastly, another precious memory was watching my youngest, Olivia, watching the fresh snowfall from the sky and her excitement to go play in it was priceless. 

We'd love to hear all about your favorite memories from the slopes! Share them with us in the comments below! 

Check back often for all the fun activities to do in the mountains during the spring, summer and fall! And of course, we hope you will join us on the mountain next season, so let us know if you need any help with your plans!


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