Ski Lodging: Questions to Ask Before you Book

Posted by Kristen on October 1, 2012

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When reserving your family ski trip, where to stay can be tough to navigate. There can be tons of choices, with different prices and offerings.  A good place to start is to make a list of the "must haves", and then make a wish list of extras that would complete your stay. 

The basics, such as number of bedrooms and baths, and major amenities, should be obvious.  But what about all the little things that aren't on the website but can make your stay that much better? 

 Questions to ask before you book:

  • Proximity to ski lift:   Ask for the condo to be mapped out.  Can you ski to it?  Do you need to walk up or down any hills? It's not easy carrying equipment!

  • Rental agreement: Is it through an owner or agent? What is the refund policy?

  • Back up lodging: Will you be guaranteed equal or better accommodations? Things happen - pipes freeze, roofs leak.  Make sure they have a plan. 

  • Property Management: Is there linen service, are there additional charges for housekeeping, and can you add additional housekeeping if desired? Is there someone on call to help you if you have issues? 

  • Unit amenities:   Washer/dryer (verify the location), full kitchen, a table to fit your entire group, and any specific cookware you may need. 

  • On site amenities: Is there a pool, spa, and gym, and how far are they from the unit?  A shuttle service to shop, dine or ski at other resorts?  Public transportation nearby?

  • Baby/toddler needs: Avoid extra baggage or rental fees and ask if a crib or high chair can be provided. 

  • Kid needs:  Things such as games, movies, and sleds can make the stay really fun.  And extra TV's mean you might not all have to watch Nickelodeon.

  • Electronics:  Ask about DVD players, stereo systems for your iPod, hair dryers, and free WiFi.

  • Basic groceries: Check to see what may be available at the condo (and how much) such as coffee, tea, sugar, microwave popcorn, spices, aluminum foil, sandwich bags, shampoo, and detergent.  It's important to know if you are like me and stop at the grocery store on the way into town.  Avoid buying things which are already provided. 

Make sure you get the answers to all of your questions.  Even if they don't know right away, they should be able to get back to you fairly quickly. 

If you are headed to Park City, don't hesitate to call Park City Mountain Resort or visit the Park City Chamber of Commerce website for a list of lodging options.  By asking the detailed questions, hopefully you can get everything on your "must have" and wish list! 



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