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Posted by Kristen on June 21, 2013

Follow @Snowmamas on Instagram! Who doesn't love photos? Everyone knows the old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words."  Instagram was created to express yourself through your photos. It has grown to be one of my personal favorite apps. 

I have to admit at first I only used it to sort of spy on my kids.  I have a rule...if they are using an app, I use the app so I can understand how it works. I follow them, they follow me. To be clear, I'm not a total stalker. I prefer the term "informed parent." Thanks to my kids, I'm hooked!

Follow @Snowmamas on Instagram, and launch into the summer by sharing your photos! Take a new photo with your phone, or use an old photo, and tag your photo @Snowmamas AND #Snowmamas. We'd love to see all your adventures this summer, and even re-gram a few to share with our followers. 

Check back with us regularly throughout the summer on Instagram for photo themes - 4th of July, Beat the Heat, Back to School, and our favorite, Snow. Yes, we will have a snow-themed week. This is the Snowmamas, after all.

Don't have Instagram? One you try it, you'll love it. In today's world full of social media, it's a fun, easy way of sharing.  While you can also use the app to connect your photos to Facebook and/or Twitter, you can just simply leave it for Instagram. 

Another very fun feature to play with are the "filters" you are able to add to your photos. Quickly and easily, you can transform your photo to black and white, something from 1977, or any one of a number of quick changes to the color and lighting. 

Even better, Instagram just released a new feature - you now have the ability to take a 15-second video. We can't wait to check out your fun summer videos!

If you don't have Instagram, you can download it to your smartphone for free from the app center. 

Once again, follow these few steps and share away!

  1. Follow @Snowmamas on Instagram.  

  2. Share your photos or video with us by tagging them @Snowmamas AND #Snowmamas . 

  3. Check for themes throughout the summer, and keep on sharing! 

Not ready to get on the Instagram bandwagon? No problem! We'd still love for you to share your photos with us. Share them with us on Facebook, or send them to us via Twitter @Snowmamas. Just don't forget the #Snowmamas hashtag regardless of how you send it to us so we dont miss your photo! 

We can't wait to see what you're up to this summer! Be sure to check-out our latest video here:



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