Don't Delay - Grab Your Season Passes at Park City Mountain Resort Today!

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by Kristen on May 1, 2014

Season Pass

If you've read any of my prior posts, you probably know that I am a bargain shopper. I love really great stuff - cheap.  After years of comparison shopping, I like to think of myself as pretty savvy. Since we have four kids, and love to ski, a great priced season pass is the way to go offering up 5 months of pure bliss on the mountain. 

When our kids were really little, the pricing was awesome. Free, in fact. Most resorts offer free skiing for young children. Some resorts have the cutoff at age 4 or 5; most amusements parks will cut that off at 3. One of the reasons our family loves Park City Mountain Resort is the age for free is 6 and under - the best in town. 

Now that we've got a few teens, and some not far off from becoming young adults, finding the best price is more important than ever. We just can't afford to pay adult prices for a season pass while trying to save for college. 

Luckily, there are great deals on season passes at Park City Mountain Resort. Season pass prices are at their lowest if you buy now, and you have up until May 15th to get the best deal. There are great discounts available for kids, teens, and even young adults up to age 29. Yep, you read that right. You can be out of college and still get a break. Now where was that back in the 90's? I would have totally been able to ski more, except as I remember correctly I was cut off from the discount pricing the minute I graduated from college.  

Want to visit other resorts? No problem. Extra added benefits are on all passes with Park City Mountain Resort, giving you ski days at other Powdr Resorts, including Copper Mountain in Colorado, Killington in Vermont, Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard in Nevada, and Mt. Bachelor in Oregon. Click here for details on the benefits available at other resorts. 

Most importantly, it's great to have a ton of options that also don't give you a lot of limits. While many resorts will give you those options, check the fine print. Discounts on passes often have a little asterisk listing blackout dates. Not at Park City Mountain Resort. NO BLACKOUT DATES. 

In fact, for kids, the fringe benefits of a season pass are so great it is almost like getting it for free. Yes, free. One of the benefits is a credit towards Woodward Camps - between $100 - $300 - and they are located throughout the US. So why not get a season pass and get a discount on summer camp while you are at it? Visit the Woodward Camp wesbite for all the details about what they offer, including summer camps for gmynastics, skateboarding, cheer, BMX, and more. 

Youth passes at PCMR start at just $150 now through May 15th. $150. It bears repeating because that is a crazy great price. With all the money I'm saving I might just send my kids to Camp Woodward. Then I've not only saved money, I've given myself a little summer vacation to boot.

Now all that's left to do is start counting the days until we can get back on the slopes! 




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