Childcare and Babysitting Options in Park City

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by Kristen on March 10, 2014

 Bring the Baby to Park City

Want to know one of the most frequent questions to the "Ask A Snowmama" link on our website? Childcare, and where to find it. Luckily, we have you covered with a list of some great options.

Before I even had kids, while I visited ski resorts across the country, I started plotting who would take care of my future offspring so I didn't have to give up a day of skiing. Because frankly, I love it way too much, and if a few days a year it makes me a happier person, then we are all better off, right? 

We kept coming back to Park City because it was so easy to get to and had everything we needed. Nothing better than being able to pick up diapers at 11 p.m. when you've run out after your cross country flight. Add in some of the great options for childcare, and we had a magical combination. Not to mention, some of the options provide baby gear rental and grocery delivery. Did I mention I have four kids, and flew to Park City with them every single year for 17 years before we moved here? Yep, the options are that good. So with that, here is a list of childcare providers in Park City!

  • Guardian Angel Babysitters  - CPR certified babysitters, baby gear rental, and grocery delivery in Park City & SLC
  • Mother Goose of Utah - CPR certified babysitters, baby gear rental, and grocery delivery in Park City and SLC.
  • Monkey Mountain - Drop off hourly childcare for 6 months & up.. 
  • Kid's Cabin - Drop off hourly childcare. Two conveninet locations in Prospector Square and Kimball Junction in the Silver Mountain Sports Club. 
  • Park City Sitters - In room babysitting in Park City.

These are just a few of the options to consider when visiting Park City Mountain Resort. For a list of all options, and things to do with a baby or toddler when in town, read through this post by Snowmama Jill here!  For a review of Guardian Angel, read Snowmama April's post about her experience. 

New to traveling with babies and toddlers on a ski trip? Not sure which option to choose? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Reserve early. As soon as you plan your trip, book the childcare or babysitting because it can fill up. 
  2. Jot down the cancellation policy just in case something happens. It's always nice to get a refund if you can. 
  3. If you have more than one kid that needs childcare, the in-room babysitter is the most economical option (not to mention you don't have to lug a suitcase full of stuff to the daycare). 
  4. Consider alternate hours so you can hang out after your day on the slopes. Nothing makes you feel like you are 22 years old again like hitting the apres ski scene. 

I'm here to tell you that traveling to an amazing ski destination can be done, even with babies and toddlers in tow. It's a great way for moms to get back out and enjoy things they did before kids, and get a true vacation. And I promise your kids will not remember that you left them back in the room while you were having the time of your life. Although my kids do remember, because the sitters we used in Park City left such a great impression they still want them to come back. 


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