Happy Father's Day, Snowpapas!

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by Kristen on June 15, 2013

Karen's with her Snowpapa

If you share our love of the mountains, you are a Snowmama or Snowpapa. This weekend, we celebrate the Snowpapas in our lives! If you are a dad, uncle, husband or grandfather who shares or inspires this love, this weekend is all about YOU

We recently asked Snowmamas and Snowpapas to share their “Snowpapa” story with us on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.  We were so thankful for the amazing stories we received – they are truly heartwarming! 

Wishing all the Snowpapas out there an amazing Father’s Day!  The stories below celebrate everything we already know – that Snowpapas are awesome!

From Karen:

My father first put me on skis when I was only 4 yrs old...and let's just say, the "love" for skiing and the outdoors didn't come for many years later. My Dad was the kind that had us out on the "slopes" as close to "first chair" as possible, would make us stay out if our hands were "freezing," and made us feel guilty if we went back to the condo too early! So while I have some "bittersweet" memories as a kid, I also have many more special memories. My father was the one who instilled my love for skiing and the mountains. He is the one who took me on father-daughter ski trips, camping, and river rafting. He was the one who encouraged me to take a "year off" after college (which turned into several years), so that I could ski every day. My father is now about to turn 80 years old, and suffers from a rare form of adult muscular dystrophy. This disability could have stopped him from skiing all together. But about 6 years ago, he learned to ski all over again on the "bi-ski" through the Park City National Ability Center. Instead of giving up on the sport that he loves, he continues to thrive, and continues to be inspiration to myself and my children. I wouldn't change all those cold ski days for anything!

From Carter, about his Uncle Jeff:

On my first skiing trip 11 years ago with my uncle I fell in love with it. I have been many places to ski but Park City, Utah is by far the most fun and I'm grateful that my uncle has taken me with them numerous times over the last 11 years. It is a great family resort and I love going with my aunt and uncle as they make it fun. Uncle Jeff has given me many reasons to love the snow as even though I'm a snowboarder, and they are skiers, we still ski/ride together and that will never change.  

From Krista:

Growing up in a bed and breakfast at the entrance to West Glacier Park in MT meant the mountains (and the outdoors) were literally my dad's backyard. Although I wasn't raised in a Glacier Park, I was raised hiking, skiing, climbing and loving the great outdoors! My dad (father to five girls) even drove the high school ski bus on the weekends so that his five little girls could ride (and ski) for free. Thanks to my Snowpapa, I am passing my love and passion for the mountains on to my two boys.

From Terry:

Mom and dad went to Lewis and Clarke College in Portland. Dad home from WW2. A group always went to Mt Hood to ski. My folks had never met until mom fell down and broke an ankle skiing. Dad saw it - picked her up and skied her down the hill in his arms. This September they will have been married 65 years.  My wife has inspired me to ski, and I want to inspire my son.

From Amber: 

I wouldn't be the outdoor lover I am today without my dad. He is a very quiet man and the outdoors was our way of connecting. I still remember when I was about 11, he introduced me to a network of hundreds of miles of trails, accessed through a hidden opening in the fence. That was my Narnia and I spent many years exploring that wonderland with him and by myself. Some of my fondest memories are of just being together on the slopes and trails.

From Donna: 

My husband is the one who got my family to love skiing. He took me, with two little kids in tow, to the mountains for our first ski vacation. He promised I would love it and he bought me all the cute ski gear to go along with it. Then he sent me for a couple of ski lessons and with more promises he reassured me that he would not be far from me and we could meet up for lunch. Well after my first hour or two of lessons I just fell in love with the snow and the feeling of being up on that mountain. He always said this was going to be our traditional family vacation while the kids were growing up so that we would all be able to bond on the mountain and just grow and have fun together. Well four children later we still go every year thanks to their wonderful father. Happy Father's Day and thanks for showing us the love of the mountain.

From Jody:

My Snowpapa was truly my inspiration...he was my MOST cherished cheerleader from a distance...and he LOVED hearing about my most magical moments on the mountains!!!   He had to stop working when I was 10 and by the time I was 14 he was bedridden completely for the last 2 decades of his life and in a rehab center for most of that time...SO I did learn the POWER of perserverance from him...in SO many ways...it was truly a humbling experience to grow up not knowing if you would see him the next day...he was a gift and supported my passion of the 'snow'  ......so I felt so fortunate to have the ability to ski and enjoy life....his blue eyes really spoke volumes to me when I shared my memories of the great times I had skiing...there were not a lot of times I was able to go skiing because...finances are a big part of the average family's world...here are a few words that come to my mind when remembering my Dad:

S super

N nice

O optimistic

W wonderful

D determined

A awesome

D devoted!!!

 We'll be sharing more Snowpapa stories on Twitter throughout the day - you can follow along on Twitter  @Snowmamas.  Happy Father's Day, and celebrate the Snowpapa in your life!   



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