Ask A Snowmama: Where to Buy Ski and Snowboard Helmets

Posted by Kristen on February 13, 2013

Ski and Snowboard Helmets
I noticed children wearing snow helmets. Where is the best place to purchase snow helmets for a 4 yr old & 6 yr old  girls?

-Asked by Beth, January 3, 2013


Dear Beth,  

Thank you for submitting your question to "Ask A Snowmama"! 

Most children, and even many adults, do wear ski helmets.  In fact, many ski schools require children enrolled in lessons to be equipped with a helmet as well. 

They are not only safe, but keep you warm and dry, not to mention are a great place to hold those goggles!

Helmets can be purchased in any ski store, most sporting goods stores (such as The Sports Authority), and they can even be found at Costco in certain cold weather climates. The price can vary greatly, as can the sizing.  Although helmets can also be purchased online through many websites, in my experience, it is important to try them on for a good fit. 

For young children, ask the salesperson in the store to show you helmets that have adjustable sizes.  These "adjustable" helmets for kids are a great choice since they can "grow" with them.  My kids have usually been able to get at least 2 years our of their helmets. 

If you will only be skiing a few days this year, another option is to rent a helmet from the resort.  For example, at Park City Mountain Resort, helmet rentals are available for $8 per day.  I have added the link below for your reference.  

I hope this information is helpful, and please don't hesitate to "Ask A Snowmama" should you have any other questions!


Snowmama Kristen


Helmet rentals at Park City Mountain Resort:


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