Ask A Snowmama: When Your Kid is Ready to Rip...but You're Not

Posted by Kristen on February 27, 2013

Yes, You Can Ski Together!  

What do you suggest when your kid is better at snowboarding than the parent and they want to do more difficult runs?

-Asked by Candy, February 2, 2013

 Dear Candy, 

Thanks for submitting your question to "Ask A Snowmama."This is an excellent question, and one that I'm sure many parents struggle with. There are several options for you under this situation, but some will entail a bit more work or cost, while others will require a bit of trust.  

As a family, we find it is extremely helpful to try to travel with other snow-loving families like ourselves. It is great to have a larger group with kids of a similar age, or at least other adults, so there are a variety of ability levels and a buddy for everyone. My kids' vacation experience is always greatly enhanced by other kids around us, and in the end, it makes it easier for me.  

We have many friends who also choose to have their child bring a friend with them on the vacation so they have someone to ski with.  

Another option is to check out the programs offered by the resort you are traveling to. Many offer advanced group lessons or camps  which can give your son or daughter a group to ski with.  For example, Park City Mountain Resort offers group lessons for kids up to an expert level. Another great program offered by PCMR is the I Ride Freestyle Camp, offered during select periods.  This three-day camp has kids learning new tricks in the terrain park as well as recording their day on a Go-Pro and learning how to edit the video.  Our kids loved this camp as it offered them a new "challenge.: If you happen to be traveling to a different resort, check their website or give them a call to see what they offer. Most resorts will have programs for kids of all levels, but just be sure to reserve in advance. 

If some of these options aren't feasible, the last option is to go with a little trust and try to ski independently yet still together.  While not necessarily on the same run, you may be able to ski off the same lift, on ski runs that are side by side, so you always end up in the same place. If the child is equipped with a cell phone or two-way radio, and you are comfortable in their ability and maturity, test this out a bit.  One of the reasons we find it so easy to ski as a family at Park City Mountain Resort is that despite having four kids at different levels, from beginner to expert, we can all ski together off most chairlifts, take different runs and meet at the bottom. Check the resort trail map of where you are skiing and look for chairlifts that have multiple runs at varying levels.  

Before you separate, come up with a set of guidelines for your child to follow so you can have a worry free day. 

Thank you so much for your question, and please don't hesitate to "Ask A Snowmama" if you have any other questions.  Let us know how it goes! 

Snowmama Kristen



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