Ask A Snowmama: Should We Buy or Rent Equipment?

Posted by Kristen on January 9, 2013


We will be in Park City from Australia in January - Would you recommend buying or hiring our ski gear and where would you recommend doing either from?

-Question from Lisa, December 22, 2012


Dear Lisa, 


Thank you for submitting your question to "Ask A Snowmama"!

Unfortunately the cost of ski gear can be quite expensive.   I do not suggest purchasing new gear as this could cost at least $1000 per adult.  Read all about the pros and cons of Renting Vs. Buying from Snowpapa Jeff!

It is best to rent equipment for your visit if you don't already own equipment or don't want to travel with it.  The only exception to this would be ski boots; if you happen to already own a pair that fits your perfectly, you may want to bring them along for the trip. 

If you are primarily skiing at one resort, I would recommend renting directly from the resort.  For rentals right at Park City Mountain Resort, click here for more information.  There are different levels of equipment, and discounts for multi day rental.  The best part is that the skis or snowboards can be stored at the resort overnight so you won't have to bring them back and forth to where you are staying.  Helmets are also available for rent. 

The other convenience of renting right at the resort is that if you need to make a change to the gear - get a longer or shorter ski, adjust the binding, or upgrade to a powder or twin tip ski - the rental shop will be right on site to make any adjustments. 

With so many resorts just a short drive away, if you plan to visit multiple resorts, and are not staying right at a resort, another option is to rent from a local company.  Some great choices include Christy Sports or Cole Sport . Another very convenient option is a door-to-door service, such as Ski Butlers or Door 2 Door Rentals , where they will come right to your door with an assortment of rental equipment and fit you right in the comfort of your lodging.  

For a complete list of ski and snowboard rental companies that service Park City, click here .  I am sure all of the companies listed will be able to provide you with whatever you need. 

If you are traveling with small children and are enrolling them in the Signature 3 program at Park City Mountain Resort, please note that ski equipment is included with the lesson (except for the helmet, which is required). 

There are also a number of ski shops in the event you need any other gear, such as gloves or ski socks. A few of our favorites are Jans,  Cole Sport and Legacy Sports , and the Columbia Outlet Store

Enjoy your visit to Park City this January, and if there is anything more we can help you with, please don't hesitate to "Ask A Snowmama"!  


Snowmama Kristen



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