Ask A Snowmama: How to Stay in Touch on the Mountain

Posted by Kristen on March 27, 2013

 Park City Mountain Resort

I'm bringing my 7-year-old to ski in Park City next week. What options do I have to locate her if we get separated on the slope? Do you have any tracking devices for rental? Do cell phones (Verizon Wireless is what we have) work on the slopes? Thank you so much! - Asked by Jane.

Dear Jane,  

Thank you so much for submitting your question to Ask A Snowmama!

First, your cell phone should work on about 90% or more of the mountain. You may only have trouble in some of the remote corners, but I doubt you will have an issue. 

More importantly, make sure when you head out your battery is 100% charged. If it is very cold, and if you are taking a lot of pictures with you phone, the battery can die faster than usual. 

Discuss the plan each time you get on the lift. Decide what trails you are skiing, what lift you are headed to next, and point out to your child the staff on the mountain - lift attendants, ski patrol, ski instructors, and mountain hosts. They will all have a uniform. With that, make sure your child has your phone number available in their pocket. If you somehow get separated, instruct them not to worry,  to approach one of the staff members at the resort, and ask them to give you a quick call. 

Another option which we used when our kids were young is a two-way radio. These inexpensive devices can be found at most big stores like Walmart or Target, they are sold in pairs, and have a 20+ mile range. Look in the electronics department. They are great with young kids not old enough for a cell phone. They work great for hiking, bike riding, and all sorts of other activities, without any fees! Our family uses the Motorola ones that can be found on Amazon. 

For a list of things to put in your child's pocket to be prepared for anything, click here for some tips from the Snowmamas!

In our 15 years of ski vacations with kids, we have only briefly lost a kid once. Thanks to the amazing mountain staff, she was returned to us quickly and safely! The odds are in your favor to not lose your child, but it's great to have a plan in place so everyone knows what to do. 

Have a great trip to Park City...we're looking forward to your visit!

Snowmama Kristen


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