Ask A Snowmama: Easy Family Terrain at Park City Mountain Resort

Posted by Kristen on March 17, 2014

Adventure Alleys

Hello SnowMamas,

I am planning ahead for the next winter season and am planning on taking the whole family out West.  We are considering Park City Mountain as an option, but with a now 4 year old who is still on East coast greens (just started formally this year). One concern I have when looking at the trail map for Park City is the number of green trails available.  Most of them look like throughways or very basic (first timer) green runs.  Is there a good variety for a beginner young child? - Submitted by Fran, February 2014 

Dear Fran, 

I am so happy you sent this question! As a mom of 4, with one who recently turned 6 a few weeks ago, I can tell you without a doubt that Park City Mountain Resort is my favorite place to ski with him and have him really be able to explore the mountain. 

We have tickets available to us at other resorts, but after making a few side trips when friends were visiting, I realized how easy it was for me as a parent to ski with him at Park City Mountain, while not limiting our choices so much. Honestly, I sometimes get frustrated at other places because we are limited to certain lifts. 

Since next year your 4 year old will be 5, I would highly recommend the Signature 3 program at PCMR. With a teacher student ratio of 3:1, your child can grow leaps and bounds in this program. If he or she is ready for a little more than the average preschooler, the Signature 3 Superstars program might be a good bet. It's for kids who are solid green skiers, ready for a little bit more, and can handle a little more skiing. A day or two of ski school will have your young one secure those skills.  

As far as the terrain, just about all lifts, with the exception of Jupiter lift, will access some green and blue terrain. Although there are some trails that are labeled blue, I think you will find that they are wide and groomed, and it's quite possible a young child can handle it. One perfect example is Tycoon, off the top of McConkey's. It's an easier "blue" until the lower level, but you can turn before that on Georganna to stay on green level terrain. 

There will also be many runs off the Bonanza Chair - Homerun, Claimjumper, and Jonesey's, to name a few. All wide, groomed, and perfect for learning. You will be able to ski top to bottom with your child by taking Payday to Bonanza and skiing from the summit to the base. 

There are on mountain guides all over that can direct you to not only the beginner trails, but the easier intermediate terrain, allowing you more choices.  Be sure to check out the "Adventure Alleys", located around the mountain. Little kids love these little runs through the trees. Got a few experts with you? Not a problem as the resort has a huge menu for just about every level of skier or snowboarder. 

Let me know if you have any other questions to help with your trip planning, and thanks for writing to the Snowmamas!


Snowmama Kristen

Perfect Terrain for a 5 year old....and every age!


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