Ask a Snowmama: Childcare in Park City

Posted by Kristen on November 26, 2011

I am an Atlanta mother of a 3.5 yr old little boy, and this will be his first time skiing. I am SUPER excited, and I read your post about how to get him into the ski school by having his Dad drop him off - excellent advice. My question is: In addition to ski school, (because Mommy and Daddy would like to actually have fun too) is there an actual "day care" for him after ski school?

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You are going to have a BLAST, and the Signature 3 program is fabulous!

The Signature 3 program runs from either 9 am-3pm, or 9:45 pm to 3:45 pm. You will be asked to select which time you prefer, if both are available, upon making your reservations.  It will make for a great day for you and your husband to spend together on the mountain!

Just like you, my husband and I always enjoy some time without kids after skiing as well. For over 12 years, we have used a terrific babysitting service, Guardian Angel.  Below is their contact information.  They come to you at your hotel or condo, often with a bag of age appropriate fun things for kids to play with. Through the years, we have used a number of sitters with this service, and each and every single one was been wonderful.   My kids ask for them to come back every year months before we even leave for the trip.  They are just that good!

The website has the complete contract and you can email them to request your dates and times. 

I'm sure your son is going to love the Signature 3 program, and when he is exhausted at the end of the day, he will be in great hands while you and your husband hit the town!


Park City contact: Susan @ 435-640-1229 or


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