Are The Ski School Years Behind Us?

Posted by Kristen on March 17, 2012

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Not quite. Our three girls made it through years of instruction and can ski almost any trail.  We thought our ski school days (and bills!) were almost behind us when along came baby #4 a few years ago.

Off to Park City We Go!

We have hauled our kids to Park City, Utah every single year from the East coast, and now from Canada, since they were babies.  Sixteen years straight for my husband and I, fourteen with kids.  The plane ride is long, the cost is big, the luggage is insane. But Park City has it all - accessibility, reliable snow conditions, moderate temperatures, and uncrowded slopes - what's not to like? Factor in the amazing ski school with low ratios, and it's a no brainer.  We keep coming back for more!

Thanks to fantastic instruction at Park City Mountain Resort,  we have three kids who are pretty awesome skiers. They only needed lessons for a few years, and when I look back, it was a small price to pay for the amazing days we now spend together as a family on the mountain.

Three Down, One to Go!

On our recent trip to Utah, it was time for our last offspring to hit the slopes.  He just turned 4, and was the perfect age to sign him up for the Signature 3 lessons at Park City Mountain Resort.  Thanks to guaranteed ratios of 3:1 and a wonderful instructor, he was riding the First Time chairlift and making turns after just a few days of lessons. We're headed back to Park City in Spring, and have already made our ski school reservations.  With any luck, he can gain the skills to go all the way to the top with us. 

What? More Lessons?

Of course, he'll need a couple of days of lessons each year for a few years to keep up with his sisters.  And although I thought we were done with ski school for the girls, they now tell me they want to take snowboard lessons.  I'm thinking I should hop on the bandwagon and take some clinics with the Ladies Club. There is always something new to learn, right? Time to make more reservations!

When we take a good look at the things our family spends money on, we never regret great ski school instruction. Our kids have skills they can be proud of, and our family vacations just keep getting better and better. 


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