Raised by a single mom in Connecticut, Kristen started skiing at age 3 across New England, but especially loved spending weekends at her ski club’s lodge in Vermont.  Her mom signed her up for ski racing despite her lack of athletic ability.  Let’s just say it was not a match made in heaven and injuries were involved.  But that didn’t stop her!

She followed her mom’s advice and married someone who loved the sport as much as she did.  When her Uconn buddies planned a trip to Park City in 1996, she took her first trip out West.  Trips to Colorado and California only confirmed what she already knew…Park City was her first love. Every year for 17 years, from homes in Connecticut, New Jersey, and most recently Toronto, Canada, Kristen visited Park City with her 4 kids, now ages 6-16, in tow. Last year their dream was realized, and Kristen and her family made Park City their home. 

My Favorites

  • Favorite Run: Blanche (NASTAR addiction, hoping to make the 2045 National Championships in the over 75 age category). Courcheval for working the bumps, Hoist for conquering the steeps.
  • Favorite Lift: McConkey’s - love hearing the “Woo Hoo’s” of the kids in the trees in Dummy’s Ditch; any 6 pack lift that my whole family can ride at once!
  • Favorite Lunch Spot On The Mountain: Legacy Lodge – who doesn’t love a salad, soup and baked potato bar?  Something for every appetite.
  • Favorite Place for a Date Night Out: High West Distillery, Mustang, and Wahso, all on Main Street.
  • Favorite Family Dining Place: Squatters Brew Pub or Maxwell’s at Redstone.
  • Favorite Thing to do Off the Slopes? Jupiter Bowl at Redstone and Gorgoza Tubing Park.



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