5 Reasons to Mourn the Loss of Winter

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by Kristen on April 23, 2014

Winter - What's Not to Love?

Winter gets a bad rap. Definitely not from those of us lucky enough to live in a ski town. Typically we all did that by choice because we can’t get enough of the snow. I’m talking about all those friends griping about the cold weather and shoveling snow, and counting the days until summer. As I write this, so many of my friends are miserable as April snow is still falling here and there. 

Why is there such a love of summer? It’s a great season and all, and especially in the mountains. The mountains in the summer are spectacular. But let’s face it. Summer has its downfalls. Why is my Facebook feed always filled with venom for winter? 

I’ve got many reasons to mourn my favorite season, but here are my top 5:

  1. The return of allergies.  I love the reprieve from pollen when everything is covered with snow. Give me frozen everything any day. Now it’s back to carrying tissues and taking an antihistamine. 

  2. Putting away the ski wear. Unfortunately that means trading those in for swimsuits. How many of you enjoy trying on swimsuits? Enough said.

  3. Adding sunscreen to my budget. If you’ve seen my family, you know we come in 3 shades – pale, pink, and lobster red. We still need sunscreen on the mountain, but just for that teeny part sticking out under the goggles during ski season. I'll miss not having to apply all that goop. 

  4. Bugs. Let’s not forget to add the bug spray to the list I now need to add to the grocery cart. I am lucky enough to live in a place right now where the bug situation is pretty manageable. But, I have lived in some nasty bug climates. If you are from the East, this one should bug you, literally. In New Jersey, we were at the epicenter of the stink bug population. They are everywhere.  Ever had Lyme Disease? It is the worst. I’d like to thank a Girl Scout camping trip for that one.  Nothing a week in bed and an entire month worth of antibiotics can’t cure.  No thanks – I’ll take bug-free winter.

  5. Lawn care. I would happily take shoveling a few times a year over mowing the lawn every week and pulling weeds from April through October. Ever have poison ivy? Now that’s a party. Sure, winter has dry skin, but I am OK with that. 

Don’t get me wrong. Lots to love about summer – flip flops, warm sun, and vacation.  I adore hiking in the mountains, campfires, and warm days followed by cool nights. I’m just pointing out that summer has its pitfalls, so I hope you’ll give my favorite season a break.  

If you are missing winter, there is a cure. Start planning your ski trips for next year now. I’m buying our season passes and grabbing half off gear at year-end sales.. Right after we have a little moment of silence to say goodbye to my favorite season. 


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