Top Three Ways to Save Money on a Ski Vacation

Krista Parry
Posted by Krista Parry on August 11, 2011

A winter vacation does not have to empty your pocketbook. The key is being smart about how and where you spend your money. Here are three very simple ways to save a bundle of money:

Flying in to an International airport can save you money! (airplane)Choose an Easy-to-Reach Destination

Remember the economic model of "Supply and Demand". This can be applied to airfare for your ski trip. Flying to an international airport typically results in cheaper airfare thanks to a "competitive market" from multiple carriers. The Salt Lake International Airport has over 750 flights arriving daily. Compare this to a regional airport in Colorado which has less than 30 flights arriving daily and its easy to see why you save money.


Rent Your Gear

Let's face it, baggage fees on most airlines is a bit ridiculous, especially if you are bringing "Special" items. You can save hundreds of dollars, plus not have to hassle with schlepping your equipment around, by renting your skis and snowboard once you get to the Resort. Park City Mountain Rentals has the latest equipment from the industry's leading manufacturers. Plus, you can store your equipment overnight for FREE and receive a 20 percent discount on equipment if you are taking a lesson from our ski and snowboard school.  

Book Package Deals

I am not one to purchase package deals as I enjoy putting a vacation together piece by piece. But when I hear that I can save MONEY I pay attention, especially when it is several hundreds of dollars in savings! For example, Park City Mountain Resort's Family Value Package can save you up to $1179 on lift tickets and lodging. Now that's a deal!

There are plenty of other ways to save money on ski vacations. What are you doing to save money on your vacation?   


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