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Krista Parry
Posted by Krista Parry on May 12, 2013

Snowmama Rowles (snowmamas)

Being a snowmama is hard. I didn't learn just how hard it is to be a snowmama until this year when I tried to take my two boys (aged one and three) skiing. It starts the minute you get up to try and get them ready. Then it continues when you try to put all of their gear on, and by gear, I just mean gloves, hats, snowpants, etc. The challenge becomes even greater as you try to cram their little feet into the ski boots as they scream and yell at you. Then you carry them and their skis out to the snow before the fun even begins. 

But you know what? Once you're on the snow and see the smiles on their faces and squeels of delight as they start skiing, you realize it's totally worth it! It's worth the pain because the memories you make will last forever. 

We created the Snowmamas community because we realized how hard it is to be a snowmama and we wanted to create a resource where you could share your stories, tips, tricks and more. The Snowmamas community is amazing! Today we say Happy Mother's Day to all of the Snowmamas. 

We asked you to share your stories about your Snowmamas. My own Snowmama had five little snowkiddos to get up from their beds, geared up and out onto the snow. She was always the one who would stay behind if one of the snowkiddos didn't feel like skiing. She loved to ski, although she was never an expert. Naturally, as we got older and better at skiing, none of us wanted to ski with our Snowmama. We joked that Buddy was her friend, as she skied all day on 'Buddy's Run' (as seen in the photo above). Like a true snowmama, she never cared. She was just happy that we all had a love for the snow. Thank you to my Snowmama for making it easy for me to love the snow! 

Below are some of your stories: 

From Kristen: 

My mom would bring us skiing in Vermont as soon as we turned three. I'm not sure how she did it back then - she was single, we didn't have very much at all, but she managed to pull it all together. There were no fancy hotels or new equipment - just hand me downs and a ski club bunk house. With sleeping bags in hand, we piled in the car and hit the road for often treacherous drives north. Like the postman, through rain , snow, sleet and hail, she took us out in all conditions and instilled in us a love of skiing and the mountains. Skiing has always been a true source of happiness for me, and for that, my mom has given me one of the greatest gifts of all.

From Karin:

When I was a kid and my three younger brothers and I were learning how to ski, my Snowmama spent more time in the lodge than on the mountain. Not relaxing by the fire, but taking care of kids. Between the four of us there was always someone cold, hungry, or needing to use the bathroom. 

All I knew back then was that we had to wake up way too early, the car ride was long and the lifts were cold - but descending the mountain with my family was incredible. Those times on the mountain made the best memories that are still vivid today, and inspire me to take my own family skiing. Now of course I realize that my Snowmama was the one behind the scenes that really made those memories possible. She woke up even earlier than we did, made a full breakfast for the family, packed our clothes, took care of us and made sure that we were warm, safe and happy throughout the day. Then when we came home she got everything dried and put away for our next ski trip. Now that’s love.

I have the best Snowmama! She’s helped me throughout life just like she helped me on the mountain all of those years ago: She prepared me and made sure that I had the tools to succeed, has continued to nurture me with support and unconditional love, and always picks me up when I fall. 

Thanks mom and Happy Mother’s Day!

From Amber: 

My Snowmama was never a very good skier but that didn't stop her from helping us gain a passion for the sport. When we were younger, she was always the one who pulled our trips together, packed, cooked and knew all the most fun places to go. One of my favorite memories was skiing with her in Canada and she decided to race my uncle through a shortcut in the trees. Unbeknownst to her, there was a huge jump. She took flight, crash and burned. She split her ski pants right open and had to ski down with her bright blue and green underwear on display. She was a great sport about it and had us laughing the whole way back. Just one of the many memories of how she made skiing FUN.

From Maggie: 

About a year and a half after my dad passed away unexpectedly, a group of people from church decided to take a trip from Houston, TX to Ruidoso, NM (800 miles) to snow ski over Christmas break. In retrospect, I think my mom needed a distraction during the holiday season since my father's birthday was December 23. Money was tight so it was a 12 hour road trip and we piled 6-8 people into a room at the "29 Pines Motel". So many wonderful memories were made during that adventure. My brother and a friend performed an unplanned jump off the ski lift to avoid being at the top of the mountain without their ski instructor who had dismounted at the midway point. My life long love of skiing was born during Christmas of 1981 at Ski Apache (Sierra Blanca at that time) resort and I owe this to my adventurous snowmama who also learned to ski, but preferred to stay in the lodge with hot cocoa.

From Jody: 

Some people grew up with a SNOWmama...but I was LUCKY enough to have a what I will call WOWmama. The WOW stands for Way Over Worked.  My Mom worked THREE full time jobs. She was an amazing school teacher, a full time Mom every eve, and worked full time in caring for my Dad. She was the BEST! I truly adored her in every way her entire life was FULL of challenges and she endured an incredible amount of suffering.

She never did down hill ski a day in her life!!  but I got her out on cross country skis when she was in her sixties. She created the opportunity for me to take skiing lessons when I was in the 4th grade. Even though I was scared and really terrified that I would break my leg, she encouraged me to go and enjoy my skiing experience, which I did. I found out that I LOVE to ski

My WOWmama was the finest example of someone who is determined to create a wonderful world for her children, no matter how difficult it was. I was so appreciative of her passion to allow me and my Sister to have ski lessons and be able to SKI!!  It was fabulous and I cherish every moment I had with my most wonderful and compassionate WOWmama. 

Share your own Snowmama's stories in the comments below. Happy Mother's Day.



Comment posted by Kristen on May 13, 2013 10:33 PM MDT

Great stories!!! No better example of awesome moms than your Snowmamas!

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Comment posted by Amber on May 12, 2013 7:55 AM MDT

Love these. Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!

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