Easter on the Slopes: A Personal Favorite

Krista Parry
Posted by Krista Parry on April 6, 2012

During my ten years at Park City Mountain Resort I've seen amazing events. Bode Miller and Picabo Street racing in our last America's Opening. Shaun White and Tanner Hall flying high in the 22-foot superpipe during the seven years we hosted the World Superpipe Championship. And who could forget the 2010 Olympic snowboard halfpipe team naming with a 30 Seconds to Mars concert.

As cool as these events were, none of them add up to Easter on the slopes at Park City Mountain Resort.

Here are my top five reasons (in photos) why Easter on the slopes is a personal favorite:

  1. Being on the mountain before the sun rises Easter Morning. The Easter Bunny's helpers arrive to the mountain very early to hide all of the eggs (Hide may be an overstatement as most of the eggs are easily spotted on top of the snow).

3442242484_7430f0d02f_b (3442242484_7430f0d02f_b)

2. The look of excitement on all of the kids faces as they eagerly await the "rope drop" in the Kids Korral before the mad dash to pick up as many eggs as they can (this hunt is for kids six and under).

5585225003_b939f2399e_b (5585225003_b939f2399e_b)

3. The Hunt for the Golden Eggs. A few years back, we started hiding two "Golden Eggs" that contained vouchers for the next season's pass. It's amazing to see how entire families get into the hunt.

4490222116_96d6d18cc4_b1 (4490222116_96d6d18cc4_b1)

4. We all know that the Easter Bunny can hop, but did you know he can ski? What's better than an Easter Bunny on skis?

picturewithconversions (picturewithconversions)

5. After 10 years of "working" this event, this will be my first year as a "guest". My older son is now two and understands the concept of finding things with prizes (aka candy) inside and I can't wait to see him running around (more like hiding under my legs) picking up Easter Eggs with the rest of the snow-clothes wearing kids. Stay tuned for pictures!

easter-2012 (easter-2012)


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Comment posted by jody on April 11, 2012 11:05 PM MDT

ahh..who is the adorable little boy on the ad for the Easter Egg hunt?? sooo cute...and the hunt rocks!!!

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Comment posted by dana on April 8, 2012 8:12 PM MDT

I love spending Easter on skis. So much to be thankful for and I can' think of a better way to spend the day than with my family out in the great outdoors.

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Comment posted by dana on April 8, 2012 8:10 PM MDT

Easter on skis is the best! My kids had a blast at the egg hunt at Mt. Rose today...and they shared their chocolate with me!

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Comment posted by Amber on April 6, 2012 12:19 PM MDT

Love it--can't say I've ever done one in the snow (in Canada we'd do 'em indoors) but this sounds top-notch. Plus, can't beat that Golden Egg!

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