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Krista Parry
Posted by Krista Parry on August 29, 2012

snowmamas-meetup-dec-1_0007 (snowmamas-meetup-dec-1_0007)

In the ski industry, Labor Day weekend means winter is just around the corner. It's also a sign that our search for new Snowmamas/Snowpapas is just around the corner. Beginning at 8 am on Wednesday, September 5 applications will be available for new contributors and, more importantly, new members to join our Advisory Council.

Snowmamas was created in 2008 to help make family winter vacation planning easier. Since then, it’s turned into a community of snow-loving Snowmamas and Snowpapas who all share a zeal for creating amazing experiences and memories on the snow!

Although we can't say what the questions on the application will look like this year, we did ask some of our Snowmamas/Snowpapas for a few of their tips on how to stand out in the crowd. Here is what they had to say:

  • Snowmama Kim-Marie: "Video!!! Also, mad karaoke skills a bonus."
  • Snowmama Kristen: "Be personal, be yourself, and let everyone know why you have the passion and want to share it. No matter what happens, you gain an amazing community! Best of luck to the new applicants!"
  • Snowpapa Jeff: "Show your passion and personalize your video or pictures to show just how Much you want this!! Be prepared to share your knowledge as the audience is hungry for it! And the desire to have FUN n Karaoke is a MUST!!!"

Now it's your turn to think why you will make a great Snowmama/Snowpapa (and also maybe your go-to karaoke song). We can't wait to hear what you have to say on September 5! 



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