To Ship or Lug your Ski Gear?

Posted by Kim-Marie on February 2, 2011

Family ski trips are not the easy breezy “rent our skis when we get there and buy gloves if we lost ours” affairs they were when we were young and single.  

Ski trips with kids involve an immense amount of planning,  starting with how you are going to get all of the stuff you need from here to there. With a family of six, that seems like a ton of cargo!

snobags (snobags)

When you are flying to Snow Country, you have a few options:

1.     Fly it all with you.  Boot bags can double as backpacks and hold snacks and video games in addition to boots and helmets.  The downside is that all of this gear cannot fit in the back of your rental SUV  when you arrive. If I took the bags with me on Delta and was able to take boot bags as carry on luggage, the cost for checking the bags would have been $70 per person ($25 for the first bag and $35 for the second)--$420 for our family each way. I didn’t consider this as I know from experience we couldn’t fit everying into a rental SUV .

2.     Ship it UPS ( or FedEx (  Both of these options involve weighing, boxing, labeling and no guarantee of rental skis if the cargo doesn’t arrive as promised.

3.   Rent When You Arrive.  It would have been a little less expensive (the latest equipment at Park City Mountain Resort would cost $156 for an adult and just $21 for a child for five days but  I like my own gear because my boots fit just right and I know how my skis ski.  it's a lot of work to get everyone in good gear that fits, I prefer to bring my own gear.  

4.   A specialty shipping service such as: Luggage Forward or Sports Express which are owned by the same company.

After almost zero research I went with the last option. If I had used FedEx ground it would have been less expensive.  
While Luggage Forward was certainly the most expensive, it was also by far the most convenient.   “Just attach the luggage tags that we will overnight you to your bags, put them on your porch and they will be waiting for you at your condo when you arrive,” they promised.

Sure enough, tags arrived the next day and they are now on their way to Snow Country. They promise if the bags don’t arrive, they will give you $250 on the first day to cover the cost of rentals and whatever you need to buy. They will give you another $250 the second day.  Each bag is also insured for $500.

For me it was all about having someone pick up the bags at my house with no extra work on my part because getting ski gear organized for six people is enough work!  And each delivery is personally monitored by a Travel Concierge from pickup to delivery. They send you emails tracking your bags’ status.

Yes, I spent  $1,400 to ship our gear. I look at it as a gift to me (an expensive one!) to reduce the stress of a holiday ski trip.

snoluggageforward (snoluggageforward)


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