Summer Road Trip Fun: Why Drive Instead of Fly

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by Kim-Marie on July 3, 2014

road-trip-kids (road-trip-kids)

It’s summer time, time for the most treasured of all family vacations, the road trip.  Why drive instead of fly?

1. Money, money, money.  It’s almost always cheaper to drive as opposed to flying and with long security lines and flight delays it can often take the same amount of time--or it feels that way.  When you add up the cost of plane tickets, extra baggage fees, rental car fees and airport parking suddenly a few tanks of gas and parental sanity seem cheap by comparison.

2. You want to sight see along the way.  Utah and it’s surrounding states are stunning in the summer time, you miss it all if you just fly over it.;;

3. You want your children to talk to you.  Even a teenager can only be silent for so long before they finally start telling you about that boy, that girl, that party.

4. The family road trip creates a lifetime of memories.  Who doesn’t remember playing the alphabet game or slug-bug while riding in the “way back” of the station wagon?

Before you hit the road, a few tips to keep the troops (and parents) happy.

1. Snacks and drinks.  Stock up before you leave, there is nothing worse that pulling in to a nasty roadside store to buy Slim-Jims because the kids are going to die if they don’t eat NOW.
2. Entertainment, for you and the kids.  Handheld video games seem like a good idea, until someone loses their lunch on them.  If you have a child that gets sick reading in the car, they’ll get sick playing Nintendo, I learned this the hard way.  Audio books are great entertainment for everyone, has a huge library of children’s stories that stream through your iPod or iPhone.
3. Wireless headphones.  If you can get them in your car, do.  Kids can listen to their own music or stories while you rock out to a little Bon Jovi to stay awake for that last hour.  This clip of Keaton singing Miley Cyrus on our last road trip was everyone’s favorite entertainment.

4. Schticks.  These have provided the most fun for your dollar of anything we’ve ever bought.  I use them on the kids and the kids like to signal other drivers with them.

road-trip-settle-down (road-trip-settle-down)

When we reminisce about our favorite family vacations, no one ever fondly recalls that “special flight."  Road trips create a lifetime of family memories, the good, the bad and the pukey, so get behind the wheel and get to the mountains this summer.


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Comment posted by Stacie @ The Divine Miss Mommy on May 31, 2011 3:35 PM MDT

Where in the world can I get that Settle Down sign? I NEED ONE. STAT.

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Response posted by Kim-Marie Evans on June 1, 2011 6:36 PM MDT

There's a link in the article to Amazon. They are Schticks and worth every penny!


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