Mini-snowmobiles at Gorgoza Park

Posted by Kim-Marie on March 30, 2011

Many little boys (and girls) have fantasized about driving their own snowmobile, at Gorgoza Park in Park City, they can live their dream.  I was understandably skeptical about my five year old son being able to ride a snowmobile solo.  When I read that Gorgoza Park allows kids as young as five to operate their own snowmobiles I figured it was too good to be true.  How could anything that crazy fun be legal AND only cost $10?

For several weeks leading up to our last trip to Park City, I had been convincing the boys to clean their rooms, do their homework and walk the dog all on the promise of riding their very own snowmobiles.  By the time we made it to Gorgoza after skiing one day, the excitement had reached a fever pitch.  How could the reality match the fantastic build up in their little heads? 

As soon as they laid eyes on the circular snow track and caught sight of the ridiculously adorable mini-snowmobiles they were out of their minds with excitement.  For the total cost of only $10 per child (for kids ages 5-12)  they got to saddle up their own machine and race off around the track.  When my five -year-old pulled the throttle and sped off on his own he started squealing so loud and full of joy it could be heard over the sound of 4 running snowmobile motors.  As he rounded the first turn, he was still squealing.  And the second turn, and eventually for the entire 10 minutes that he rode, the sound of pure bliss filled the air.


My husband observed that small children are rarely in control of anything on their own: They ride in the back of cars, on the backs of bikes and with parents on amusement park rides.  But the thrill of controlling an amazingly cool snowmobile is really something extraordinary for a little one.  

That being said, our extremely cool pre-teen daughter enjoyed them just as much, though she would never admit it.

Gorgoza Park also offers tubing fun for every age and even the smallest snow monsters can enjoy Fort Frosty.  It’s a fabulous way to spend a few hours after skiing or on a day off from the slopes.

Directions are listed along with height requirements on the website:


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