Keeping Your Booty Warm On The Slopes

Posted by Kim-Marie on February 8, 2011

body warmer (snobody)The days of numb toes and chilly bottoms have gone the way of feathered hair and parachute pants. All you need to keep warm on the slopes is the right gear. Those brilliant scientists (and marketing executives) at the sportswear companies have made skiing in sub-zero weather not only possible, but also comfortable.

Don’t believe me?  I get cold when my thermostat is set below 75 degrees.  Our move to the east coast meant I needed to either learn to ski in arctic temperatures, or quit skiing.

My quest to ski comfortably no matter the weather or wind chill factor has led me to:

   1. Battery operated boot heaters.  Many new boots now come with the footpads already installed; you only need to buy the heaters.  Want to retrofit your existing boots?  I did, it was easy and worth every penny.  That said, I still wear toe heaters WITH my battery operated boot heaters, I like toasty toes.

   2. Hand warmers. You can never have too many.  I wear glove liners with a hand warmer tucked in the pocket on the back of my hand.  I wear mitten gloves over the top with hand warmers jammed in the tips.  No more numb hands, ever.

snobooty (snobooty)   3. Stick on heaters. Toe heaters are perfectly suited for the outside of your long johns and keep your backside toasty even on a frozen chair lift.  Body warmers can be placed anywhere you are likely to get cold, I stick one on the outside of my long john top and voila, no more chilly breeze through my jacket zipper.

   4. EVERYONE should wear a helmet, not just for warmth, but for safety. They do keep your head nice and warm too.  Buy a balaclava for underneath, though you’ll look like a Monty Python cast member when not wearing your helmet. You won’t care, because you’ll be warm.

   5. Layers, layers, layers.  A wicking layer for a base, a fleece layer next, a sweater layer under your jacket for extra cold days.  Remember, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.


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