Jupiter Bowl: Kim-Marie's Trip Diary Day 4

Posted by Kim-Marie on February 21, 2011

Park City is apparently the place to be this week. We have dozens of friends in town from all over the country. Finding a way to spend time together off the mountain that includes kids, fun, food and a cocktail is easier than I thought it might be.

jupiter-bowl (jupiter-bowl)

Jupiter Bowl in Kimball Junction turned out to be the ultimate find tonight for us to entertain four families with twelve children. We rented the private room with four lanes, dozens of video screens (one with the game on to keep the dads happy) cocktail service and great food. Even better, they had an 80’s playlist turned up loud that helped my dancing, but not so much my bowling.

This place is not your grandpa’s bowling alley. When you set up your game on the computer there is a “bumper” option for the little kids, or lousy players, not that I would ever do that. A large video screen at the end of the lanes shows continuous Warren Miller flicks and the lighting feels more like a disco than a bowling alley.

The kids were constantly entertained, and surprisingly good bowlers. The food was much better than I expected and the service was great. The adults were able to enjoy spending time together without having to leave the kids at home. I think the best game of the night was when the husbands decided to play under their wives’ names. It was the only time I had a winning score.

My five year old cried when we left and asked if people were allowed to sleep in the bowling alley. I explained that no legally they weren’t.


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Comment posted by Diane Viton on February 21, 2011 5:53 PM MST

A fantastic idea! 12 kids is a lot of kids to keep busy! And no kidding, not your grandpa's bowling alley. That is one super hip looking place!

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