Flying Private: Getting to Park City in Style

Posted by Kim-Marie on March 17, 2011

One of the pluses of skiing in Park City is that the  Salt Lake City airport is only 30 minutes from the slopes and boasts numerous flight options from all over the country.

However, if you’re looking for the most luxurious and convenient way to travel, you can’t beat a private jet.

A private flight experience starts the minute you pull up to the airport.  You park conveniently--sometimes  even park on the tarmac.  There is no check in line, no security line, no lines period.  Instead of checking your bags, worrying that they are over 50 pounds and paying for each one, a nice porter takes them out of your car and loads them on a bell cart much as if you were checking in to a fine hotel

flying-private-bags (flying-private-bags)

You are then greeted not by a gate or flight attendant, but by the pilot himself.  Your flight is stocked with anything you’ve requested from catering, and always has extra candy for the kids.  What can take hours flying commercial takes minutes when flying private. Before you know it, you’re seated in your comfortable leather seat and ready for take off.

snowmama-flying-private (snowmama-flying-private)

The plane is pressurized more frequently and when we landed from our last flight no one’s ears even popped.  Private planes often also fly at higher altitudes and therefore experience less turbulence.

The kids are not only free to move about the cabin, they can roll, dance or jump around.  The pilots are accessible and the children can see where they are going, something we enjoyed when were young, but due to security concerns is no longer possible on commercial flights.

Upon landing, your rental vehicle is pulled on to the tarmac, luggage is loaded in to the warm car and you’re ready to head to your final ski destination in mere minutes.

There are several options when chartering a private jet.  NetJets and similar companies offer fractional ownership opportunities and guarantee plane availability.

For the occasional private flier, a jet broker is your best option.  Magellan Jets can book an aircraft with as little as 10 hours notice.  In the event that your commercial flight is cancelled due to weather and you are unable to re-book a in a timely manner and have the funds at your disposal, this can be a great option to save your family ski vacation.  

Jet brokers charter various aircraft that are owned by private individuals or corporations.  These operators operate light, mid size and heavy aircraft.  Depending where you are flying to Park City from, and how many passengers will be on board, determines the size of aircraft you need.  You can book either one way or round trip.  

Flying from the East Coast to Park City would require a mid-size jet--roughly $40,000 round trip, though prices can vary depending on availability.  Ready to book?


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