Family Vacations Rarely Go as Planned: Kim-Marie's Trip Diary Day 1

Posted by Kim-Marie on February 18, 2011

When we woke up our first day in Park City on our much anticipated family vacation, my husband was sick.  He had a man cold, which as we all know, is the worst kind of cold.  I was left with the task of dressing four tired kids and hauling them to ski school solo.

Jacked up on a pot of coffee and anxiety, I had all four of them at Park City Mountain Rentals at 7:55am.  We’ve never rented equipment the day we skied before, and I was certain that renting our skis/boots/snowboards and poles would be a lot of work and take forever.  I was stunned to find we were the first customers. We had the whole place and all of the staff to ourselves.  

The process was surprisingly easy, I filled out some forms, realized I had no idea how tall my children are or how much they weigh and we were on to the fitting.  The staff took the time with each child (while guessing at their weight) to make sure they had all of the equipment they needed.

And I discovered the bag check,just outside where for $6 a person, we could leave all of our gear untll the next morning.  This might be my favorite amenity at Park City Mountain Resort.

kim-marie-day-1 (kim-marie-day-1)

We now had 40 minutes to kill before ski school drop off, which I also assumed would be fraught with long lines, crying children and misery.

I prepared with another cup of coffee from the deli next to the ski school and actually had a chance to have breakfast as I had rushed everyone out of the house without eating anything.

At 8:45 am I decided I should get in line to drop my son off at the Signature 3 program.  I had 3 others to drop off at 9, and I needed to get going.

The first thing they asked when I checked my son in to the Signature 3 program was why I had rented his equipment.  They fit them for boots and skis there!  Yes, read it again, you drop your little one off in snow boots and they DO THE EQUIPMENT FOR YOU.  They mentioned something about a trampoline and my son was off like a shot.  So much for misery and crying.

The older children get dropped off for ski school in the corral on the mountain, we were early for that too.  When I told my son that they guarantee that each class will only have five children he asked “so we’re getting a semi-private lesson?”  

By 9 am all of my children were happily at their various ski schools, I had checked all four kids in to four different classes by myself.  It’s really that easy, I still can’t quite believe it.


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