Boot Bags: Keeping it all Together

Posted by Kim-Marie on April 22, 2011

Inevitably, we’d lose something along the way whenever we hauled my children’s gear up to the mountains.

That’s why we invested in boot bags for everyone. I like the Transpack bags that cost about $45.

boot-bags (boot-bags)

Boot bags keep all the gear organized, allow each child (or husband) to carry their own gear--they can double as backpacks-- and leave your hands free.

If they are wearing their ski boots to the mountain (which I highly recommend) put their after-ski boots in the boot pockets.  Nothing feels better at the end of the day than slipping out of ski boots and into something comfy.  

The boot bag also carries their helmet, goggles, extra gloves (you know one will get lost at some point) and the all important hand warmers.

 A great way to make sure you don’t forget any gear on your way to the mountain is to wear it all.  It’s impossible to forget your child’s gator if they’ve got it around their neck!

There was one problem. We began to notice that all of the boot bags looked the same and on more than one occasion, someone almost walked off with ours.  That’s why last year I ordered custom name tags to attach to every bag. Now we don’t worry about mixing up bags and if they are lost, the tags have our address and phone number.

Investing in boot bags is a decision we’ve never regretted.


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