5 Rookie Snowmama Mistakes to Avoid

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by Kim-Marie on February 16, 2015

rookie-mistakes (rookie-mistakes)

1.      Reserve ski school in advance!  Ski school can sell out on busy weekends (such as President’s Day Weekend).  Book ski school as soon as you’ve planned your family ski vacation. Ask about packages that include lifts, lessons and gear.

2.      Ready to Rock n’Roll! Don’t dress the kids on the mountain or when you get to ski school. Make sure the’ve got everything they need from head to toe on their body. (Helmet, goggles, gators, mittens, lip balm and sunscreen in their pocket…)  You’re guaranteed an easier drop-off process.

3.      Don’t pack a whole bag of extras!  Ski instructors are great about keeping the gloves attached to the children and children attached to the gloves.  Everything they need should be on their body.  Better to dress a little too warm than to have that gator they need tucked in a bag somewhere.  If you plan to stay on the mountain after skiing to eat or play, pack a boot bag with their winter boots in it and either check in a locker or if you can, leave at ski school.

4.      Don’t worry!  Children will do things for ski school instructors that they would never do for you (which is one of the BEST reasons to send your child to ski school).  They will figure out how to get on and off the chair lift, get up on their own if they fall and stop at the bottom of the hill.  The instructors are professionals. You’ll be amazed at what your children will do on the mountain when you’re not looking.

5.      Don’t forget to leave a good contact number (or two) and keep your (charged) cell phones or walkie-talkie radio with you in the event that the ski school needs you.


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