Trying to Keep Warm? Clothing is the Key!

Posted by Kheri on March 5, 2011

I hate being cold and my kids don’t like it much either so I’ve tried many ways to keep the kids comfortable and warm so they can enjoy their time on the mountain.   

trying-to-keep-warm (trying-to-keep-warm)

Here are our 7 essential items plus a few extras that keep the kids warm and happy in the snow.   

   1. Under Amour: My son got his first pair of under armour playing hockey and we swear by them.  The top and bottoms help to wick away the sweat but add a great thin layer to insulate.

   2. Fleece top or wool sweater: It’s a good idea to get one that zips so they can unzip when they get inside and avoid getting overheated.

   3. Ski socks: Thin socks are less likely to bunch up and don’t squeeze the foot, helping to keep the feet warmer. Try smart wool.

   4. Mittens: Not gloves.  The fingers together really do help keep the tips warm

   5. Ski jacket and ski pants or one-piece. While snowsuits keep the snow out  and warmth in, they are more difficult for kids to go to the bathroom.  If your child isn’t too coordinated, stick with the 2 piece option

   6. Helmet: Many mountains make it mandatory for kids to wear helmets. Even if they aren’t required, they protect their heads and help keep kids’ warmer than any hat.

   7. Goggles or sunglasses: I suggest goggles for younger kids as they usually clip on to the helmet and won’t get lost but they are also critical snowy days.

   8. Hand warmers: The kids can keep them in their pockets until they need them.

   9. Neck Gator:  You can find them in any resort ski shop--get one with the resort logo. They are usually fleece and  you can pull them up on super cold days to protect their cheeks and face and they can pull them down around their necks on milder days.


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