The Ski School Drop Off Blues

Posted by Kheri on March 20, 2011

ski-school-check-in (ski-school-check-in)Don’t you hate stepping up to the ski school/day care line at a mountain when your little one grabs your leg in a death grip?

You know the fun is about to begin but they may not, especially if it is their first time at the resort. As a Park City Snowmama, I know the ski school instructors and cooridinators are great and will help you to get your child settled. But a little preparation will make the transition go more smoothly.

Here’s what I’ve found that works:
    1.    Go online beforehand and show your child all of the fun things they will be doing
    2.    Call ahead and set up a time to visit the child care center with your child.
    3.    Let the staff know you may need a little help to encourage your child and help ease the transition.
    4.    Have dad do drop off if mom is the “favorite” of the moment.

I have found that my 3 year old was more likely to cry when I dropped her off so my husband and I switched. I took the older kids and he took the little one. After the first day, she had so much fun, it wasn’t an issue any more. My kids have always loved the play room and the ski school at Park City Mountain Resort's Signature Programs and I hope yours will too!


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