The Risk and the Reward of Spring Skiing

Posted by Kheri on March 30, 2011

kheris-kids (kheris-kids)Whether you are looking for a chance to squeeze in just a few more runs before the end of the season,  or a ski vacation at a discounted price, spring skiing can be the answer:  

    1.    Shorter lift lines, in fact, shorter lines everywhere (rental shops, restaurants, stores etc).
    2.    Great groomed runs (don’t expect powder although you can get lucky).
    3.    Reduced airfares, just don’t fly Easter break and try to fly mid week.
    4.    Lower occupancy rates on and around the mountain. So that ski-in /ski-out on mountain stay can be a reality.
    5.    Ski gear sales. The end-of-season sales are around every corner, in every window. So if you’ve been holding out for the new jacket or want to stock up for the kids next year, end of the season is the perfect time.

If the mountain has a good base of snow, it can handle the warmer weather.  That combined with the snow making capabilities that many mountains have, spring could be the best snow all season.

There a few things to think about that can drastically impact your spring trip.

    1.    Warm days and nights. Warm days are fine, as long as the temperature drops at night, allowing for more snow to be made and or aid better grooming.
    2.    Reduced snow coverage. Even in good weather, you have to watch for exposed rock or branches. Getting the insurance on any rental skis is a really good idea

You also need to be prepared with the right gear. Spring skiing can be much warmer than earlier in the season but it can be deceivingly cold in the morning and once the sun sets. So use layers and bring sun block and glasses. The opportunities for a great trip far outweigh the risks but just be prepared!


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