Shutting Down for the Season

Posted by Kheri on April 26, 2011

As the days get longer and the air starts to warm, I know it’s time to put my dreams of powder days away. But more importantly, I know it’s time to put away all the ski equipment and gear.  Now, before I had children, storing my gear meant throwing it on the top shelf, in a pile.

sidney-trying-on-gear (sidney-trying-on-gear)

Now with 5 of us, I have learned my lesson.  The extra time I take at the end of the season be a little more organized, pays back big time next season. Here’s how:  

   1. Wash everything-- Jackets, thermal layers, gloves, hats. I use gentle detergent and hang dry just in case the fabrics are water resistant.   

   2. Place the adult things in the bottom of a bin. (We are the last ones to want to go sledding at the first signs of snow.)

   3. Have the children try on their jackets and pants to see if they have more room to grow. If they can’t wear them next season and they can’t be passed down to a sibling, then give them away or donate.

   4. Add other equipment to the bin including hats, gloves, thermals, socks, goggles and helmets.

ski-20 (ski-20)Once full, label (I used an old trail map) and stash. I placed all snow boots on top of the bin. This is the one item I hold on to even if the size seems it might not fit next year. Somehow, the first snow fall always catches me off guard and boots that are a little small, always work in a pinch.

It takes a little more time but next season, I already know what new gear I need to buy for the kids and I know where everything is when that first snow of the season arrives.


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