More Skiing Mom!: Kheri's Trip Diary Day Three

Posted by Kheri on March 7, 2011

It's funny, I had all of these plans of things to do and places to take the kids in Park City, and the only thing they want to do is ski!

Each day when they get out of ski school, we offer activities like the alpine coaster or tubing at Gorgoza Park and each day we hear the same thing, "Can we ski some more, Please!" So up we go. My son, Miles who is 10, is only on day 5 of boarding, and he is shredding blues, Kayla, 8, is skiing blues with confidence and Maya, my spunky 5-year-old is having fun making turns on the greens.

Kheri and Chara (kheri-day-3)
Snowmama Chara and Snowmama Kheri.

At 4:30 pm we were finally able to get them off the mountain to visit with the Seifert family, Park City locals.

First a stop at Sports Authority to pick up a neck gator and hand warmers. Prices off the mountain are definitely more reasonable. Then a stop at State Liquor Store #36 to grab a bottle of wine and a 6-pack of Newcastle Brown Ale (an interesting note: beer sold in grocery stores has lower alcohol content than beer sold in the liquor stores), we headed over to the Seifert home. What a great change of pace.  

After 15 minutes of sledding, (that was all they could handle after a day of skiing) the kids hit the hot tub. Why we decided to tell them stories about how we used to jump from the snow to the hot tub, I’m not sure but that was all they needed to hear! Despite the 20 degree temperature, rolling in the snow was a hit! And, although it crossed my mind, they did not get sick.  But for the little one, it proved to be a long day.


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