Lesson Anyone?

Posted by Kheri on February 1, 2011

Lessons, really?

Growing up, my mom always had a rule: A lesson on the first day of the ski season. It didn’t matter how good we thought we were.

In fact, as  I boarded the plane for my first ski trip of the season to Park City, my mom called. , “Don’t forget to take a lesson,” she said.  Sure I rolled my eyes but then I thought maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

kheri-lessons (kheri-lessons)And, as often happens, Mom was right.  

I’m so glad I took a lesson with the other Snowmamas.

It was a great way to dust off my skiing skills. And though lines are rarely a problem at Park City Mountain Resort, it was an added benefit to scoot through the ski school line with our instructor.

The instructors, of course, know the mountain better than anyone so the lesson felt more like having a personal mountain guide who could find just the right terrain for my skill level, from easy green runs, to blue groomers to not-so-bumped out black runs.

There is also a rule at Park City Mountain Resort that no more than five people will be in a class, whether kids or adults. We had four in our group and Patrick, our instructor, had time to give plenty of attention to each of us.

As I ended my first day on the slopes this season, my mom called again.  “Hi honey, how was the lesson?”

I could honestly reply, “It was great Mom, really great”.


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