Last Day Skiing: Kheri's Trip Diary Day Five

Posted by Kheri on March 11, 2011

Oh no, the last day of skiing is here.  Today we gave the kids the option to spend the day skiing with Mom and Dad (which we thought would be the popular choice) or taking lessons. Our two older kids wanted nothing to do with mom and dad! My son Miles, 10, signed up for a freestyle lesson and Kayla, 8, is back in Signature 5. With the five-year-old around and wanting to ski, we took a few runs together and then my husband and I took turns skiing with her and up on the bigger runs.

whole-family (whole-family)

I met up with two more snowmamas: Chara and Marie and we hit the slopes for some fun.  After two days of snow, the conditions were great. But even more fun was lunch, sharing stories with Park City Mountain Resort’s Krista Parry, the creator of and a snowmama herself.  As we sat, ate and chatted, I begin to reflect on what a great vacation this has been for me and my family:

  • The feeling of accomplishment Kayla had when she skied her first black diamond.
  • The excitement on my son’s face when he came down from the terrain park and explained the “rainbow” trick he learned.
  • The joy on my 5-year-old’s face when she gets stuck in the powder (on purpose) so she can fall in the powder at the side of the trail.

miles-and-kayla (miles-and-kayla)When you have young children, the meaning of “vacation” changes. It’s no longer about rest and relaxation (although I do try to find ways to squeeze that in), it’s about fun, it’s about experiences, it’s about making memories. And when possible, it’s about shaping the way they look at the world.  

Think about the first time you sat at the top of a black diamond trail, looking down and not being able to see the bottom and wondering, “Should I do this?, Can I do this?”. You let the tip of your skis tilt over the edge and your self doubt begins to change, morph into encouragement. “I can do this”, “Just keep our weight forward”, “That’s it, turn, turn, again…. Yes!”

At the bottom you look back with pride that you were able to do what you never thought you could. The next time my daughter faces a challenge, I know she will remember what she was able to do on that mountain and, at the very least, give it her best try.

That we can give that opportunity to our kids is priceless.

What a wonderful week. We are already looking forward to the next trip. Cheers!


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